• Medway Green Party banner 1
    Campaigning for Sustainability
    and Compassion
  • Medway Green Party banner 2
    We campaign to reduce MEAT consumption.
    Campaigning to protect ANIMAL rights
  • Medway Green Party banner 3
    Reverse health and social care act - NHS back in public hands
    Re-nationalise RAIL and STOP corporate power
  • Medway Green Party banner 4
    No to destruction of LODGE HILL and SSSIs
    Tackling housing problems by building low rent properties
  • Medway Green Party banner 5
    Fighting for REAL democracy in Medway, Kent, UK - the world
    ELECTORAL REFORM NOW - votes must equal seats
    Fighting to STOP TTIP - our FREEDOM is at stake
  • Medway Green Party banner 6
    Campaigning for FULL MONETARY REFORM
    STOP BANKS creating money out of thin air - at interest
    END SYSTEM OF DEBT BASED MONEY - debate money creation NOW!
Comment from: DMD [Visitor]

I am surprised at the the use of ‘Medway’ as a place name. There is no such place. If you mean the Medway Towns then say the Medway Towns. The continual use of Medway as a place name (by anybody, not just the Green Party) will strengthen Medway Council’s claim for a ‘City of Medway’.

03/12/15 @ 13:31
Comment from: Rochester and Strood [Member]

Fair point and we certainly don’t support the idea of ‘City of Medway’. We note your comments, thanks.

03/24/15 @ 12:14
Comment from: Trish Marchant [Visitor]
Trish Marchant

I think we should emphasise that we mean Medway Towns and the Peninsula, that way we embrace both the urban and the wild spaces we are lucky enough to have.

04/05/15 @ 18:40
Comment from: Carrie Bowes [Visitor]
Carrie Bowes

Comments also noted - thanks. Will bear that in mind for future articles
Best wishes,

04/16/15 @ 21:08
Comment from: DMD [Visitor]

Given the party’s comments above, why does one of the banners state ‘Fighting for real democracy in Medway, Kent, UK’?

04/28/15 @ 07:39
Comment from: Press Officer [Member]

Again sorry for the very late reply. I think the issue is that at the time of your posting we were very busy with the election and, at present, we haven’t got anyone managing the website. Management of the website, and it’s format is something that is currently being discussed. Once we have sorted out those issues all comments/suggestions can be considered..

Thank you for your interest..

11/25/15 @ 17:26

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