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    Campaigning for Sustainability
    and Compassion
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    We campaign to reduce MEAT consumption.
    Campaigning to protect ANIMAL rights
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    Reverse health and social care act - NHS back in public hands
    Re-nationalise RAIL and STOP corporate power
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    No to destruction of LODGE HILL and SSSIs
    Tackling housing problems by building low rent properties
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    Fighting for REAL democracy in Medway, Kent, UK - the world
    ELECTORAL REFORM NOW - votes must equal seats
    Fighting to STOP TTIP - our FREEDOM is at stake
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    Campaigning for FULL MONETARY REFORM
    STOP BANKS creating money out of thin air - at interest
    END SYSTEM OF DEBT BASED MONEY - debate money creation NOW!
Comment from: Harrison Bains [Visitor]  
Harrison Bains

Hi I’m an undergraduate studying at Durham University and for my dissertation research I am looking into the Lodge Hill development proposal. The primary aim of my research is to explore the views that challenge the dominant position of Medway Council, as set out by the Lodge Hill Development Brief.

Therefore, as prolific opponents of the proposal, an interview with a representative of the Medway Greens would provide me with valuable information. Therefore if you would be at all willing to meet with me briefly I would be truly Grateful. Thanks.

10/25/15 @ 11:08
Comment from: Press Officer [Member]

Hi Stephen

What an excellent idea for a dissertation! I don’t know whether you have contacted our secretary, John, on medwaygreenparty@googlemail.com but I will pass your request on and I should imagine we will be able to arrange for you to interview one of members. We will get back to you by email.

Thanks for your interest,
Best wishes,

11/27/15 @ 20:57

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